Mobile design and development of Cordova, Android or iOS web applications

Users are moving away from classical desktops, and creating mobile websites becomes an essential adaptation requirement for any competitive business. The mobile web design services, the only ones able to offer the flexibility that the customer expects to interact with the brand, are therefore highly demanded. But they also bring with them many challenges.

One of the main dilemmas, is the decision to invest in a mobile website or in a responsive design of the already existing website. Regardless of choice, creating a web application that works impeccably regardless of the display size or the operating system of the device used by the client can be a challenge.

Carpatsoft understands perfectly how a disappointing experience irremediably affects consumer brand relationship and that is why, for us, the impossible is not an option in designing websites, regardless of the format agreed. In conclusion, we recommend that the mobile website development be the number one priority.

Once a flexible base compatible with any mobile platform is built, the implementation of a stable and robust web becomes the easiest part of the creative process. In addition, by investing in the web development of a mobile website or a web application, from the very beginning, we offer users impeccable experiences that will make them loyal. Over time you will notice a significant increase in conversion rate and a substantial reduction in maintenance costs and expansion investment.


Mobile design and applications from A to Z:

The Carpatsoft objective is excellence, and our UI / UX experts are the solution to this. We will therefore give you designers and visual architecture specialists who will help you with:

  • Creating complex reports and business analysis models;
  • Consulting, planning and implementation of UI / UX design;
  • Development of native web applications or cross-platform mobile web applications;
  • Mobile technology consultancy.


All this involves a deep understanding of your business, from your market profile and your main competitors to the target audience and your goals. Once we establish exactly what you want to develop, for whom, and in what context, we go to the creative planning side.

With your help, we’ll pin profiles of potential customers and their experience map on your website. We will establish succession of tasks and interaction scenarios, after which we move forward to simulations, wireframes, and interactive prototypes. We plan, test and generate usability reports, everything to cover in detail every aspect of customer interaction with the brand. The final result will be a flexible, airy and simple design that will give you a unique identity in consumer consciousness and will completely differentiate you by competitors.

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1The only thing I know is that I need a website, can you help?
Yes, we can. Contact us by any method on this website and we can discuss your project.
2What if I have the design, can you make a website out of it?
Yes. Development of a website designed by another artist it's not an issue, it's common practiced.
3I don't know how I want my website to look, what do I do?
Our designers can help you decide what is the best design for your website, so don't worry.
4How much costs a website?
The price it's determined by the time and complexity that the website may imply. You can get a custom quote for your project by clicking here.
5My website needs help, what can I do?
Contact us by any method on this website and we can discuss and take care of your problem.
6Do I have any payment options?
Yes. You have two options besides full payment:
  • You can pay in up to 24 monthly installments.
  • You can also request a monthly subscription plan and get your website with all the options included by paying a small monthly fee. You can keep your website online as long as you want. Info here

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