Quality Assurance – Is your website or application work correctly?

Carpatsoft’s focus, as an agency, is personalized quality projects. To the extent that custom programming and design deviate from traditional rules, the evaluation, identification and correction of potential imperfections are all the more necessary.

Carpatsoft develops mobile or desktop websites to the highest quality standards. Our customers enjoy a generous evaluation package that ensures:

  • Full functionality through QA (quality assurance) testing;
  • Compatibility with any browser;
  • Increased attention to meeting customer requirements.

Briefly, once the development and design process has been completed, we continue to monitor, evaluate and test the digital product to make it perfectly compatible with any display, to give it a unique design and to make sure it effectively communicates the main message of the brand, in any context.


Our Quality Assurance service it’s based on:

  • Open communication and documented consulting practices;
  • Intensive testing and re-evaluation, along with a permanent refinement of all processes;
  • Reliable research and deployment of the latest and most effective programming trends.

In addition to this goal of creating websites and applications that work impeccably on any platform and device, Carpatsoft is always in touch with its customers. We set the stages of evolution and delivery terms that we fully respect. We are always at your disposal for face-to-face meetings if you are in Cluj or for open communication via any channel if you are abroad. And we respond promptly to the most diverse questions or concerns.

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