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Small businesses use their WordPress websites exclusive for the traditional content publishing sense. But truly competitive companies already know that this platform can serve to develop sophisticated but practical and safe applications. WordPress developed websites are at an affordable cost, giving users a totally different experience than what is already on the market. Carpatsoft can help you make available to your clients such a fully customized application or website without professional WordPress Development Services. Whether you want to develop a WordPress site from scratch, migrate existing content from another CMS or improve a website created on this platform our professional team can help you.

Our WordPress Development Services include but are not limited to:

  • WordPress theme development – we develop personalized, responsive themes from scratch, according to the most modern and efficient programming practices. We install and configure these themes, including our integration of API and e-commerce integration through WooCommerce.
  • WordPress Plugins Development – we develop from scratch custom, dynamic, 100% scalable and highly user-friendly plugins especially designed for you. Carpatsoft’s WordPress developers can test their compatibility and performance against the latest version of this CMS and make sure that the plugins provided are flexible enough to be upgraded in the future, in accordance with the requirements of your WordPress website.
  • WordPress Support and Maintenance – We manage your account on demand by providing professional solutions and practical recommendations on upgrading topics, installing plugins, or implementing customized modules without any downtime for your site.
  • WordPress Performance and Security – We offer you the best hacking security solutions, automatically back up data protection and work consistently to optimize the speed and performance of your platform. In addition, we can manage the professional installation and configuration of the WordPress W3 Total Cache, we offer server-side support, CDN implementation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • WordPress Hosting – We support any changes to the system and hosting regime of your WordPress site. From server recommendations and configuration to data recovery and data migration in the best conditions without any downtime.
  • WordPress Outsourcing – We intervene in efficient project management and provide advice on best coding practices. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the situation or want to redirect your internal resources you can write us. In other directions, Carpatsoft can take on all of these WordPress management and programming tasks. In addition offer access to a platform where you can track your projects and tasks status.

How our development process takes place:

It all starts with designing the finest image of your business. We provide you a dedicated project manager to keep in touch with you and to constantly assess your project needs. Based on the information provided, we analyze your business profile. Prior to that, we determine the most effective solution for reaching your goals in the shortest possible time.

Just because we always relate to your vision and ideas, we always keep in mind your marketing goals. Once we have determined that WordPress is indeed the best solution, we go to the actual coding part. Our knowledge and full understanding of programming principles are the ultimate ingredients of your digital success.

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1Why should I use WordPress?
WordPress is by far the most used Content Management System, used by more than 75 million websites. WordPress it's a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time. WordPress can be managed by any user, even without programming skills.
2What if I have the design, can you make a WordPress website out of it?
Yes. Development of a WordPress website designed by another artist it's not an issue, it's common practiced.
3I don't know how I want my website to look, what do I do?
Our designers can help you decide what is the best design for your website, so don't worry.
4How much costs a WordPress website?
The price it's determined by the time and complexity that the website may imply. You can get a custom quote for your project by clicking here.
5My WordPress website needs help, what can I do?
Contact us by any method on this website and we can discuss and take care of your problem.
6Do I have any payment options?
Yes. You have two options besides full payment:
  • You can pay in up to 24 monthly installments.
  • You can also request a monthly subscription plan and get your website with all the options included by paying a small monthly fee. You can keep your website online as long as you want. Info here

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